A Healthcare Town Hall – Patients and Physicians Working Together

Are you concerned your physician seems to pay more attention to his/her computer than you?

Are you troubled by shorter visits and longer waits?

Have you had a health care service denied by your insurance?

We want YOUR story!

The practice of medicine is first and foremost about the relationship between patient and doctor, and yet these two voices, the voices that should have the most say in the system are lost in a confusing sea of computer work, rules and policy. Patients are getting less time with their physicians and spending more money for healthcare. Where is your hard earned money going? Why does your doctor have less time for you? Why do they have fewer choices? Doctors spend less time doing what they want and were trained to do: caring for their patients, and more time with forced mandates. It is time for the madness to end, and for these two groups to unite; and find common and common sense solutions to these problems.

We seek to start a dialogue between patients and doctors together in an open town hall style forum so that together we can begin to formulate ideas and advocate for a quality sustainable and truly affordable system. This is meant to be an annual event.

This event will give patients an opportunity to express what a better system would look like from the patient perspective, while physicians can explain the obstructions in the current system from the doctor perspective. The hope is that patients and doctors can become better advocates for more choices in the healthcare system and help to build a sustainable quality system. Ultimately, we need to let our legislators hear what is happening and how it is affecting the care that patients are receiving.

We hope that you will bring your ideas, your friends, neighbors and family to this event. It is time that we raise our voices to let those in power know how healthcare is being compromised.

Health and Wellness Center                                                                                             Philadelphia County Medical Society
847 Easton Rd                                                                                                                              2100 Spring Garden Street
Warrington, Pa                                                                                                                             Philadelphia, PA
October 6, 2016- 6PM                                                                                                           October 19, 2016- 7PM


Sponsored by Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia County Medical Societies

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ABOUT THE RACE: The annual Cornerstone 5K is one of seven races in the Bucks 5K Series, benefits worthy causes, provides wholesome entertainment, and improves physical fitness of our community.  The Cornerstone 5k will feature the 5K race, the Fun Run and the 2 Mile Health Walk!  This year, we are proud to announce that proceeds from our race will benefit the Friends of the Heart Institute of Doylestown Health.  The Friends of the Heart Institute of Doylestown Health is a volunteer organization dedicated to generating financial support and awareness for the full-range of cardiac programs and services offered through Doylestown Health’s Richard A. Reif Heart Institute. The Friends ensure that patients and their loved ones have access to the very best cardiac and vascular c

are close to home.


Karen Obrocto, RN
Nurse Manager

Jen McCoy
Front Desk Supervisor