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Our mission is to give you the care you
need to live your best life.

Most of the diseases we treat cause inflammation, pain and joint damage sometimes leading to disability. Patients come to us because they know we listen and we treat each person with care and with sensitivity to their own, personal needs.

Our entire staff at Rheumatology Specialty Center—from the people you meet when you walk in the door to the doctors and nurses involved in your direct care—are here to serve you. You’ll get expert, comprehensive, compassionate care.


At Rheumatology Specialty Center, we treat the patient, not just the disease. We listen to you—your symptoms, your goals, your needs—and offer quality, cost-conscious care that will help you live your best life.

Our focus is on providing non-surgical musculoskeletal care that’s both effective and cost-conscious.

Quality & Value: Your Best Interest in Mind

All our doctors believe in treating each patient as an individual according to their lifestyle and their needs. They will evaluate you as a whole person considering the potential impact of your other illnesses or conditions on your treatment plan. Early intervention is key—meaning that the sooner we can diagnose your condition, the easier it will be to help you maintain a good quality of life.

We don’t perform surgery and we don’t push it either. In fact, we try and prevent unnecessary surgery by figuring out what is causing your symptoms. After a specific diagnosis has been made, treatment will be discussed to control the cause and your symptoms, with the ultimate goal of clinical remission (meaning you have no signs of the disease) when possible.

Treatments will depend on what type of rheumatologic illness you have. Treatments can include oral medication, injections at the site of pain or inflammation, physical therapy and medication given intravenously through infusions.

Our state-of-the-art care tools in our practice help us diagnose and care for you in one place, limiting the times you’ll be sent outside the practice for additional care or tests. We also keep your primary care doctor informed about your visits and our findings.

We work together with other doctors when needed to put the health needs of our patients first.

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