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- Joey Newman


  • Prior Authorization Supervisor, Rheumatology Specialty Center
  • A seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the medical field, specializing in prior authorizations. Since joining the Rheumatology Specialty Center in 2020, Joey has been instrumental in streamlining prior authorization processes and ensuring patients receive timely approvals for their prescribed treatments.
  • Having worked in various capacities at esteemed institutions such as Holy Redeemer Hospital, Abington Hospital, Jeanes Hospital, and multiple specialty practices, Joey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her extensive background encompasses both direct patient care and supervisory positions, allowing her to understand the complexities of healthcare delivery from multiple perspectives.
  • Passionate about advancing her skills and knowledge in rheumatology and the latest subcutaneous and oral therapies, Joey is dedicated to continuing education. She is committed to enhancing the capabilities of the Prior Authorization Department’s staff, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of insurance requirements and regulations.
  • At the Rheumatology Specialty Center, Joey’s primary goal is to advocate for patients, ensuring they receive the treatments they need by working diligently to obtain insurance approvals. She is deeply committed to helping patients navigate the often challenging process of obtaining prior authorizations and finding affordable solutions for their prescribed therapies.
  • With her unwavering dedication to patient care and her extensive experience in prior authorizations, Joey plays a pivotal role in ensuring that patients at the Rheumatology Specialty Center receive the best possible care and support.


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