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- Karen O’Brocto


  • Director of Nursing Services, Rheumatology Specialty Center
  • With 42 years of nursing experience, Karen has a lifelong passion for helping others.
  • Her first 23 years were in Dialysis, starting as a Staff Nurse and rising to Nurse Administrator over multiple facilities.
  • Karen has been with the Rheumatology Specialty Center for 19 years, dedicating herself to providing the best healthcare to patients.
  • Known for working alongside her staff, Karen ensures quality care.
  • Karen is the Safety Officer at Rheumatology Specialty Center and is OSHA Certified.
  • Outside of work, Karen devotes time to her family, enjoys reading, and practices yoga.
  • Joined Rheumatology Specialty Center in 2005


  • Helene Fuld College of Nursing
  • Mercer County Community College
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